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Tap Classes

Tap is a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. The sound is made by shoes that have a metal "tap" on the heel and toe.

There are several styles of tap dance, including rhythm (jazz), classical, Broadway, and post-modern. Broadway tap often focuses on formations, choreography and generally less complex rhythms; it is widely performed in musical theatre. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the jazz tradition and as such, improvisation is essential to their work.  At Lynchburg Elite Dance you have the opportunity to grow through the art of dance, beginning with classical tap technique taught in the combination classes for ages 2-6 and then moving up through the elementary, JV, and Varsity classes. We also offer a class focused Boy's Tap for Musical Theatre.

Elementary Tap I

This class is for elementary student grades 1-3.  There is no experience required for this class, though students who have taken a combination class at Lynchburg Elite Dance often find success sooner than others.  Elementary Tap I uses a Broadway Tap developing proficiency in steps up to 8 sounds, connecting sounds together and introduction of formations.  Elementary Tap I students use a Mary Jane style tap shoe.  Elementary Tap I students are encouraged to perform a tap piece in the spring recital.

Elementary Tap II

This class is for the elementary student in grades 3-5 with at least 4 quarters of Elementary Tap I strongly encouraged.  Elementary Tap II students continue to develop more complex choreography utilizing strong technique in the Broadway style.  Elementary Tap II students wear a healed tap shoe to encourage proper placement. Elementary Tap II students are encouraged to perform a tap piece in the spring recital.

JV Tap

This class is for the middle school dancer.  In JV Tap the focus begins to transition to a Rhythm Tap style.  JV Tap success is found when middle school aged dancers have either taken Elementary Tap II OR are willing to take private classes before and/or during their introduction into the JV Tap Class.  JV Tap is high paced, rhythm focused with the intent to understand the dance history and cultivate a love for setting goals.  JV Tap students wear a spectator tap shoe and are encouraged to showcase their rhythm tap in the spring recital.

Varsity Tap

This class is for the more experienced tapper aged 8th grade and up.  Varsity tap is deeply rooted in the Rhythm tap style and builds on an expectation that there is a strong tap technique base already.  In addition to the consistency from JV Tap, Varsity Tappers will find opportunities to develop their own steps through improv.   Varsity Tap uses the spectator tap shoe or Ben & Miller due to the high level impact and expectations of the foot.  Varsity Tap always has a showstopping number in the annual recital and all varsity tappers are encouraged to participate. 

Boys’ Tap for Musical Theatre

This class is an extension of our tap program, Lynchburg Elite Dance is proud to offer a boys only class for young men in the 8th grade and up.  This class is perfect for the young man seeking a richer working knowledge of tap commonly used in musical theatre shows.  This class is high energy and full of rhythm.  Young men wear comfortable clothing, and men’s oxford style tap shoes.

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