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Combination Classes

Combination classes are offered for ages 2- kindergarten and utilize the techniques of ballet and tap to instill the foundation of proper placement from ballet with the musicality foundation from tap.  Each combination class begins with 20 minutes of ballet technique and ends with 20 minutes of tap.  Combination classes utilize hear, say, do style teaching for diversity of teaching while engaging students to watch and model after the teacher and the teacher’s assistant.  Combination classes require color specific leotard, pink or tan tights, pink ballet shoes and tan (or black) tap shoes.  There is no prerequisite for combination classes, though dancers who have danced in the earlier age group, have a sense of confidence that allows them to achieve earlier successes in the next class.

Preschool Combo

These classes offer ballet & tap basics.  They designed for younger students in an effort to spark and maintain their interest, while exposing them to different styles of dance, providing them with a well-rounded dance education. Our combo dance classes offer a fun filled adventure in the world of dance.  Children are encouraged to dance using simple movements. The emphasis of the combo dance class is to provide fun and enrichment while developing coordination skills and overall dance fitness.

Kinder Club

These classes are designed specifically for the kindergartner.  This class is fast paced and is a combination class offering both Ballet and Tap genres at the beginning level.  Those that have been in the pre-school combination class will find that what they learned prior, helps them expand on their ballet and tap skills, while those new to the Lynchburg Elite Dance scene will find encouragement from their teacher, teacher’s assistant and inspiration from their peers.

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