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Our History

Our history and mission are deeply intertwined.  Each staff member at Lynchburg Elite Dance has their own story, yet what unites them is the love of the art of dance along with how appreciative they are that dance was accessible to them.  Ms. Samantha was one of Ms. Terri’s first students in Amherst Virginia, at TERRIfic Time Dance Studio (Ms. Terri’s first dance studio, 1992-2006. Currently Amherst Dance Academy owned by Joy and Jason Buendorf).  Ms. Samantha had completed her master studies at Sam Houston and was returning to the Lynchburg area when she and Ms. Terri met for a reconnecting lunch.  It was at that reconnection, a robust discussion of how the lessons learned in dance were life changing.  Their passion to continue the legacy gave birth to Lynchburg Elite Dance in August 2014.  Since August 2014 Lynchburg Elite Dance is proud to offer; professional instruction, encouragement to grow artistically, and a place for young artists to come learn more than dance steps, rather how to dance through life for ages 2 and up.  Joe Tremaine, dance educator, says it best…. dance training is life training!  Lynchburg Elite Dance is deep in family; from office, to instructors, to students, to extended families our transparent studio cherishes the power of family.  Though our last names are different our love of how dance has made a difference is what makes us the Lynchburg Elite Dance family. 

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